In 2019 the South African economy grew by 1.8%.
We grew by 49.4%!! We practice what we preach. 
Udo Harms
Personal Testimony
Have you ever been approached by someone wanting to sell you perfume or cell phone covers or other stuff you don’t want whilst walking through a shopping mall or market?
You would suddenly play with your phone to try and avoid this situation!

That is a classic example of someone trying to sell TO you, creating that awkward feeling; which is the main reason why we don’t like selling to clients and why we don’t like being sold to.

I made the same mistake.
As a youngster I started selling math courses to parents wanting to help their kids through school.
I often had to borrow money to put fuel in my car in order to go see the parents in the evenings in the hope of making a sale and earning a commission which I would then use to pay for my studies.

After every appointment the “POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS” would thank me for visiting them and tell me that they would think about it.
Now, them thinking about it did not put any money in my account and I started feeling like a professional visitor.

Every time I came back to the office for the sales meeting Wesley, the "top performing sales guy" would get heaps of praise and big commissions while I went home trying to figure out how I would repay the debt for the fuel money I borrowed…

At some point, close to giving up, the manager noted that my results were pathetic but my work ethic was great… and so I got sent on a Sales Workshop to improve my skills.

The Workshop was long and lots was said, but in my mind only one thing stuck.
I need to get people to buy from me rather than me trying to sell to them!!!
Once I understood how to do that I moved from the office joke... onto the
GLOBAL Top 10 sales people list within a month!!!
It was unbelievable since it was the same person performing the same task with a
completely different result!!!

There is a lot that can be said about sales and strategies etc but once you get the essence of how to do it the rest becomes a joy. This is the focus of all of our Edge Online Power Workshops which are designed to switch on the lights of people needing to deal with people.

Imagine what difference it will make to your company if
10% more “POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS” ended up buying from you.
Imagine if on average all your customers
spent 10% more in your business.
Imagine if you could increase the frequency with which your
customers buy from you by 10%.

Calculate that all together, 10x10x10, and you have a completely new business!!!

That’s the difference that staff with the right training can make to your company...

In 2019 the South African economy grew by 1.8%.

We grew by 49.4%!!! 
We practice what we preach.

Edge Training is an established training provider with full Services SETA Accreditation.
For 20 years many top brands have trusted us to: Empower, Transform and Motivate their staff throughout South Africa. We are a proud Level 1 B-BBEE Scorecard (135%) contributor. Our passion is to add value and change lives. 
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What You Can Expect From Your Subscription:
Internationally Recognized Sales, Service and Management Concepts That Turn The Odds In Your Favour Even If The Competitors are Bigger and Have More Money!!!

Online Power Workshops that teach proven strategies & techniques for better staff performance with customers and colleagues...

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

You can with highly trained staff that know how to turn any situation into an opportunity.

Meaning you can expect better margins through improved customer relations and service.
Do you want to see your bottom line grow?
Better skills and strategies in dealing with people will improve your retention, increase new sales and improve the average value of sales.

Do you want to see your customers become your best marketers?
Great service will develop confidence in the customer to refer other people to you.
 With Edge Online you are able to write the entire cost of over 60 Power Workshops off against a BEE training spend which you have to make anyway.
You can also claim a variety of points in the process while empowering ALL Staff.
 The workshops are short, sharp and to the point which allows staff to gather powerful and effective skills without having to leave the office or lose entire work days!

The workshops crystalize the essence of the strategies into 
power packed, time conscious sessions!
Edge Power Workshops Online is incredibly easy to use, even if you don't have great computer skills...

If you can login with your phone or laptop then a

world of knowledge awaits you!

You can master strategies to

succeed with every kind of customer!

With Edge Online Power Workshops, You'll Get:
  •  Internationally proven skills to ramp up your business right now!
  •  BEE points while empowering ALL staff
  •  Write off the entire cost against your BEE spend
  •  Increased profitability as customers start buying on VALUE NOT PRICE
  •  More productive work environment as staff learn how to handle difficult internal situations
  •  More than 65 workshops covering every aspect of the business environment
  •  The opportunity to upgrade to your own branded training platform including own content
  •  Happy & loyal customers through better service delivery
  •  Downloadable certificates on all successfully completed workshops
  •  A simple, cost effective and powerful way to create a lifelong learning organisation

An Introduction to Time Management

Time Management Principles

Tools for Top Time Management

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Dealing with Difficult Customers

How to Run a Successful Meeting

How to Create an Agenda

An Introduction to Taking Minutes

Becoming an Expert at Taking Minutes

Telephone & Cell Phone Etiquette

Memos & Emails

Letter Writing

How Stress Affects your Body

How to Manage Stress

Sales Preparation

FABs of Your Product

Understanding Customers & Handling Objections

Sales Techniques

Closing a Deal

Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring

Mentoring for Personal Success

Coaching for Maximum Productivity

An Overview of Occupational Health & Safety

In-house Precautions for Occupational Health & Safety

The Safe Use of Tools & Equipment for Occupational Health & Safety

Rail, Road and Mobile Equipment Safety for Occupational Health & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Hygiene for Occupational Health & Safety

Precautions for Specialised Hazards for Occupational Health & Safety

An Introduction to Report Writing

How to Plan a Report

How to Organise a Report

How to Write a Report

What to do with your Report

Identifying the need for change

Managing Change

External Factors influencing Change

Operational Changes within an Organisation

The Learning organisation

Recommendations for Change

Dealing with Resistance to Change

Implementation of Change

Monitoring Progress of Change

Methods of Communicating Change

Customer Service - The Four Phases of Effective Customer Service

Customer Service - Relationship Management

Customer Service - Understanding Your Customers

Presenting - The Presenters Arsenal

Presenting - You the Presenter

Presenting - Building your Presentation

Presenting - Delivering your Presentation

Personal Finance

Assertive Not Aggressive

Applying Assertiveness in the Workplace

Dealing with Workplace Bullies

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Strategies & Techniques

Sexual Harrassment

Outlook for Beginners

Powerpoint for Beginners

Word for Beginners

Excel for Beginners

A Simple Guide to the Corona Virus

Edge Online Power Workshops are a BARGAIN!!!
​​​​ If you were to send each of your staff on only 10 of these workshops annually it would cost you more than R120,000!!! 
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