Uncertain Times

“During these uncertain times- many businesses have been directly affected, especially all forms of education. Schools, Colleges, FET and Training providers have had the rug swept from underneath them regarding face to face education. This hinders almost all progress for anyone hoping to further their education. However, there are still some positives to take from being quarantined and safely spending time from home. Some businesses including Edge had made the transition to putting nearly all the course content and assignments up on servers (Our Knowledegstream Platform) for the students to access. Students with a computer and internet access can continue with their studies and be better off once lock down has come to an end. Edge has gone the extra step ensuring we utilize all sources of technology that is helping us stay connected, especially WhatsApp groups whereby we are still able to facilitate with the students and actively assist. There is much to continue putting our efforts into; firstly, ensuring all our students and staff stay safe, and secondly to still provide the best service we possibly can.”

The Spirit- Adding Value/Changing Lives

Edges mantra/slogan, but more so- the litmus test that we hold ourselves to regarding our direct influence on our clients and learners a like. The basis of our business is predicated upon the Skills Development Act of 1998 that had its main purposes being to improve lives of the people, bolster their prospects for work and give them mobility in their labour opportunities. To increase investing in education and training in the labour market, to encourage employers to use the workplace as a place in which their employees can actively upskill themselves.

Through our programmes we actively aim to see the goals of the act out and believe the return on investment is blatant for all parties alike. Companies get to upskill their own or actively get to add to society, the skills gaps become less apparent, the socio economic status of the lives influenced change for the better. The value is striking and the lives meliorate.

The Crux “What Edge Does”

When we discuss the current issues in South Africa often, we mention the unemployment rate, the level of education, the skills shortage- the list can go on and on, it’s disheartening. All these issues have been identified yet not much is done to try address them. The grants many receive only brings in +- R 400 rand to their income. How can we help those who need to rely on the government to survive?

There has been a clear undeniable relationship between the poverty level in relation to a person’s level of education. Usually the higher a person’s qualification the more likely they are to be absorbed into the formal labour force. How can your organization aid this predicament. At Edge we have noted this education/skills gap and address the commonly marginalized and underprivileged through the learnerships, skills programmes and short courses we offer. This is done through the SETA of the organizations that work with us- so that not just the individuals who have been put on the learnership benefit with the up skilling but the organization also gets BEE benefits as well as tax rebates for the individuals who are put on learnerships. In the time these individuals earn a stipend as well as upskill themselves- a great opportunity to create more opportunities for people trying to make the best out of their circumstances.